Unlike a typical office setting where each worker has their own workstation,hot desking is much more flexible. A desk can be shared by many individual workers as and when they need it. In short,when you use a coworking space,you are free to use any vacant desk for the rest of the day. If on the next morning your favorite desk is taken,then go pick another one.


There are many advantages associated to hot desking. They are not only for freelance and solo professionals,such as in hot desk in coworking spaces,but also for companies.

One of the biggest advantages of hot desks lies on the low costs involved. They are much less expensive than dedicated desks or private offices. So for small businesses and startups,they make for an economical choice,especially when you look at the high costs of long-term office leasing.

From the perspective of a worker,hot desks give them some sense of freedom and independence. To begin with,they can choose a spot where they feel more comfortable to work. They can enjoy a new view and sit beside a new coworker each day. This helps prevent the boring monotony of having dedicated workstations.

This setting also makes it possible to cultivate creativity and build professional relationship among coworkers. This is especially helpful for companies where employees tend to have limited connections due to the walls between departments and teams. With increased chances to collaborate and communicate,it is easier to ask for ideas,tips,and assistance. This results to higher level of creativity and productivity.

Hot desking is truly a beneficial setup not just in coworking spaces but also in typical corporate offices. Looking at its many advantages,it is no wonder that this trend will continue to rule the business world in the years to come.

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